Composition 144

I started to transcribe Japanese passages yesterday. It is a kind of writing training, but I'm not sure whether it is effective or not. I will continue it for a week to two weeks and observe my progress.
The way I adopted is handwriting on a notebook. Typing with keyboards also will do, but handwriting tires me less than typing.
I'm still in the process of trial-and-error to choose my copybooks. I will replicate three types of prose; a light-novel, a more serious novel, and a book written in classical Japanese. However, I don't know how my feeling will change. The choice of copybooks relates closely to what type of Japanese sentences I wish to write eventually. Therefore, I want to fix them after careful consideration.
Transcription in my native language, of course, takes time away from practicing foreign ones. If the frequency that I update my blog decreases from here on, please take it just like, "Milinda is transcribing in Japanese now. He is an odd guy."