Composition 140

Time flies like an arrow. I have already practiced English writing 140 times. I thank Grammarly, the proofreading App that always helps me, with the utmost gratitude.
Though I might have lost my way methodologically several times, I'm glad I can continue my training anyhow. In the beginning, I had my hands full making a sentence. However, I'm getting better at framing a paragraph these days. The ability to compose paragraphs is beneficial to me regardless of whether I use my native tongue or a foreign language.

 英作文の記事も、もう140回目です。早いものですね。いつも私を助けてくれた校正アプリの Grammarly には、最上級の感謝を。

Reviewing why I was less motivated to tanka poetry, it may be because I didn't know the proper training quantity. In other words, I didn't know how long training time is necessary a day to improve myself as a tanka poet.
Well, if enthusiastic tanka poets hear that, they must be angry, saying, 'No one can know such a thing beforehand!' or 'Each poet learns one's best quantity of practice by experience.' For the present, my provisional conclusions are as follows; composing at least three tanka poems or taking at least 30 minutes for tanka a day. Oh, how ordinary they are!


I tend to perceive my tanka practice quantitively. After all, is that an athletic approach? Isn't my personality fit for artistic activities?

I want to keep up the habit of solving tsume problems. It is a fantastic mental gymnastics. I'm willing to puzzle out about 50 easy problems a day. 'Easy' means the degree that I can solve in ten to 20 seconds.