Composition 136

Something problematic always appears in front of us. For example; How do I make my pupils high-achieving? If I succeed in it, do pupils feel happy truly? How do I gain the confidence of the pupil's parents? How am I planning my life?
Each of them is a very tough 'inclusive problem.' There is no suggested answer about them, and sometimes we don't even know a key to solve.
However, recently I realized the following; we can avoid receiving 'failing grade' if we work with all our might. Japanese society has been still wealthy and tolerant to such an extent.
Looking back on my twenties, I felt excessive fear for an answerless problem and escaped from it too much.


I perhaps didn't understand the meaning of 'hard work.' I relied on only my instinct and wouldn't adopt others' merit. I believed it was carrying through my way.


I want to continue solving tsume problems because it is an excellent mental gymnastics. I also want to continue writing in foreign languages since I have kept on it for several months. If I quit it, all my efforts will come to nothing soon. Besides, I want to continue composing tanka poetries in the tanka club of OUJ because it is the field I reached at last where my creative activity can get feedback.
However, it is hard for me to do all three things with my full effort. Let me see, the priority of tanka is the lowest, isn't it? Hmmm.