Composition 134 教え子と方丈記を読む等

Once I wrote as follows; even if one works hard with one's pride damaged, it is absolutely fruitless. However, it seems that such a barren mindset captured me again for several days. I was cursing, "Writing on a blog is meaningless, and something meaningless never makes me grow more than now," while I was managing to continue administrating my blog. It's morbid, you know. I continue it anyway, so I want to have as much fun as possible.


I read Hojoki with my pupil. When we interpreted the sentence, "It is rare that a residence has existed through the ages," I remembered my parent's house. It is going to be dismantled.


I read Hojoki with my pupil. When we interpreted the sentence, "Why we are attracted by aureate, shapely things?" I thought it could be applied to moe characters. Why do moe illustrations charm us? I said to my pupil, "Your favorite FGO mustn't be everlasting," but he seemed not to understand what I told well.


I read 'Setting the heart on tanka poetry,' one of the episodes of Ohta Doukan, with my pupil. I could explain after a fashion why Doukan had not comprehended the paronomasia, and my pupil understood it somehow. Yes, I made it. By the way, I'm a member of the tanka poetry club of The Open University of Japan, well known as Housou Daigaku. I intend to study tanka after Doukan's example.