Composition 133 プロ倫など

I have been depressed for two days. No unpleasant event happened to me, but one experience made me feel shattered; although I had gotten forward-looking, I tended to kvetch once I talked with others. I have tried to do various things with my utmost effort for several months, but it shows that I have made no progress mentally.


In the following, I translate some sentences of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
After all, it is because I am a man of leisure and don't take a job with a lot of responsibility that I can update my blogs every day. However hard I work in a circumstance that I don't have to commit, it never cultivates my character. Writing on a blog is all the more useless because it demands me less responsibility than my job. I gradually come to understand that. Even so, I keep my blogs because I have no idea what else I should do, ha-ha.


Such a legal system and such administration have been available for economic activity in a comparative state of legal formalistic perfection only in the Occident.


We must hence inquire where that law came from.


Among other circumstances, capitalistic interests have in turn undoubtedly also helped, but by no means alone nor even principally, to prepare the way for the predominance in law and administration of a class of jurists specially trained in rational law.


余談ですが、Occident という単語を音声入力できたためしがありません。いつも accident か oxidant になってしまいます。
あっ、でも辞書で発音記号を見る限りでは oxidant でいいのか?

accident /ˈæksədnt/

oxidant /άksədnt|ˈɔk‐/

Occident /άksədnt|ˈɔk‐/