Composition 114 プロ倫

These days I have not practiced English enough. How should I do to train up in a limited time a day? I'm racking my brain to answer the question.

In this article, I try to translate only three sentences cited from The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

Formerly I was convinced that I had to translate a number of sentences at a time or else my English skill wouldn't advance. It is not wrong. If my purpose is loading on myself and improving my English, I have to train hard.

However, I noticed that just a light exercise might be adequate if my purpose is managing to keep my English ability in a limited time. So I try to verify this hypothesis.

By the way, I know I should stop solving and creating Tsume problems if I want to learn a foreign language, ha-ha.


And just as, or rather because, the world has known no rational organization of labour outside the modern Occident, it has no rational socialism.


Of course, there has been civic economy, a civic food-supply policy, mercantilism and welfare policies of princes, rationing, regulation of economic life, protectionism, and laissez-faire theories (as in China).

もちろん、西洋以外の場所にも市民の経済があり、食糧供給政策、領主による重商主義と福祉政策、配給、経済生活についての取り決め、保護主義、それにレッセ・フェールの原則(中国でのように) があった。

The world has also known socialistic and communistic experiments of various sorts: family, religious, or military communism, State socialism (in Egypt), monopolistic cartels, and consumers' organizations.