Composition 67 チーズの悦楽十二カ月



Accumulating my experience for a long time, I have discovered three principles of marriage between cheese and wine.
The most fundamental rule is to suit one's taste. I think it doesn't matter if you prioritize your taste in eating and drinking.
However, sometimes you hesitate over to choose. In that situation, you should try matching cheese and wine from the same province. It is the second principle.
Every dietary culture has been formed under the deep impact of the climate there. The same natural features influence both cheese and wine. Therefore, we can basically find the compatible partner for cheese from wine produced in the same area. However, there is an exception to every rule. I occasionally unravel that the best partner of particular cheese is the wine from the opposite side of the earth. It is similar to the fate of human connections, and I am interested in its mystery.
Besides, the third principle is to analyze the types of cheese. For example,
1. Bloomy rind cheese has a mild flavor, so it matches full-bodied wine. Both white wine and red are O.K.
2. Blue cheese had spicy flavor, so it matches sweet smooth wine.
3. Washed-rind cheese has strong taste and smell, so it also matches full-bodied wine.
4. Goat milk cheese has characteristic taste and smell, so it matches white wine with sufficiently acidic taste or fruity red wine.
In this book, I introduce the method of marriage with cheese and wine. It is based on the principles mentioned above and reflected in what I have experienced at home and abroad. However, when I try to reproduce the combination of European cheese and wine in my country, there are physical and monetary restrictions. Besides, in some cases, I'm unconvinced a traditional theory and dare to put forward a counter-proposal. If you find my ideas unsuitable, please interpret as I recurred the first principle, namely, to suit my liking. It would be best if you also created your combination according to your sense.

(Readability score: 66)


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