Composition 66 「いつか」は来ない



Do you have any dreams? You are young and full of boundless possibilities, so I want each of you to have your vision.
みなさんには夢がありますか? みなさんはまだ若く、可能性に満ちています。だから私はみなさんに夢を持ってほしいと思っています。

You might think I claim that you should have a big, honorable one; for example, to start up a company, be an influencer or professional athlete, and be a doctor who helps suffering people. However, I think 'dream' is not limited to such ones. I prefer that you try to do what suits you. Everything is proper for your dream as long as you can feel, "I'm exerting full of my possibility," by doing it. I believe it is a real dream for you.

Well, make a promise here. Now that you tackle what suits you, please start it today and do every day. If it profoundly suits you, it doesn't bother you. Conversely, something you can't do every day doesn't suit you, and it is not your real dream.

Some people talk admirable dreams. They think their goals exist in the future, and they often say, "Someday I want to be…" or "Someday I want to do…" However, 'someday' will not come in most cases. You are only teenagers now, so you might not realize it, but everyone gets old in the twinkling. After growing up, you will be able to understand that 'someday' never comes. Nevertheless, dreamers say the same things, no matter how old they get ― namely, 'someday.' If you don't want to become like that, think seriously, "What suits me in the real sense?" and face it every day.