Composition 43


I wrote a few days ago, "I want to monetize my writing," but this blog never can occur the income. That is because I have not applied for any affiliate program. Then, what is the aim of this blog? It is only to train up my writing ability.


Standard Score for Students (SSS) is an index to measure student's prominence in an achievement test. If we presume the distribution of an achievement test accords to the normal distribution, the people who mark 70 points at SSS are only 2.3% of a population.
On the other hand, that supposition leads to another conclusion. The people who mark 30 points at SSS must exist at the same rate as 70 points markers. So that means, 30 points markers are scarce ― they are also 2.3% of a population.
What's up with me? What am I going to say? Then, I think the students saying, "Study leads me nowhere because I'm stupid," are arrogant in a sense. At least in achievement tests, a person who can go nowhere despite one's endeavor seldom exists as well as a genius.
I wrote a few days ago, "Is schooling essential? If you are good at doing something, you should go out into the world and show your ability." Viewed from the opposite side, I also consider, "If you choose to go to school, study maximumly! The probability that your study ends in vain is too low."

いきなりこんな話をして、私は何が言いたいのか? 要するに「俺はバカだから勉強しても無駄です」なんていう考えはある意味で自惚れだ、と言いたい。天才が滅多にいないのと同じように、努力しても無駄な人間など滅多にいないのだ。少なくとも学力テストにおいては。

*1:偏差値を Standard Score for Students と訳し、略称をSSSとしたのは私の思いつきです。なかなか上手いでしょう?(自分で言うな)