Composition 41


Grammarly often cautions me that l use wordy expressions.' Wordy' means to spend too many words on saying something easy. I introspected why my sentences are wordy and summarized in the three points:
First, l want to show off myself.
Second, I'm convinced that l look respectable if I use complicated phrases. In other words, l have caught Chuni-byo. It is a Japanese slung which describes the behavior of the youth around 14 years old. 'Chuni' means the second grade of junior high school.
Third, l have not recovered Chuni-byo completely.

私が書いた英文は、校正アプリに wordy と注意されることが多い。wordy とは、簡単に言えることに言葉数を費やしてしまうという意味だ。
なぜ自分の書いたものが wordy になるのか、と我が身を振り返ってみた。その結果を3点に要約する。

Correcting applications are very convenient. They save a lot of time for English composition. However, I found two disadvantages.
First, they prevent me from making sentences by myself. I don't want to write faultless English, but I want to train my writing ability. It is the wrong result if I come not to compose self-made sentences but to depend on the applications.
Second, correction becomes neverending. It has been said, "correction takes us to the hell of uninterrupted suffering," since a long time ago.
The correcting applications not only take us to this hell but confine us there. If I spend too much time in English composition, I lack time to write my novel in my native tongue. It is also the wrong result.