Composition 39 此頃の富士の曙



If you have a sense of taste, look Mt. Fuji at dawn.
By a trial, go to Zushi Bay at six a.m. and watch the scenery. You can see billowing vapor above the Sea of Sagami close at hand. You can also see something dim indigo lies down along the horizon far away. It is a mountain range of Ashigara, Hakone, and Izu. However, in the predawn darkness, you can make out only the highest peak, namely, Fuji.
Both the sea and the mountain have not woken up yet.
Just a line of rosy ray appeared on the top of Fuji. It widened horizontally and slowly as if someone had climbed down Fuji leaning on a bow. Stand there and keep observation for a while. Though it is cold, bear it. You can soon find the rosy ray lighting up the shape of Fuji. It is emerging from the dark at the snail's pace.
Fuji is about to break the sleep and wake up.
Now Fuji woke up. Look at the east side of the top. The morning sun turned it rosy.
Please don't blink, keep watching. In a twinkle, the crimson haze drives away the darkness from Fuji's head to its foot. Look, Fuji has turned coral pink and rises to the sky. The perpetual snow glows pink, and it is transparent. It reminds me of the clear skin of a lady.
When Fuji turned light pink, it woke up entirely. Please look below. The crimson haze has reached the top of Ohyama, the northmost mountain in the range. Now it overlapped Ashigara. It touched Hakone. Know how fast the dawn dispels the night. Crimson chased, and indigo ran away. As a result, Izu Mountain Range turned pink wholly.