Composition 38 Jリーグの試合結果等


My motive for writing has been getting weaker since yesterday. Did something stressful spoil me? No, nothing did. My mind is somewhat healthy now. Because I'm in a positive state mentally, I'd like to challenge various things other than composition. I had been madly depressed until a few days ago, so I had taken it the gospel that writing is the only thing I can do. That is why I had been enthusiastic about the training―lol.


FC Gifu beat Gainare Tottori at the score 3-2. It is their first win in the 2020 season. As far as I watched the highlights, Gifu's attackers are outstanding in the J3 league. Togashi and Aihara scored by long balls (I haven't known Aihara heads so well), and Kawanishi also scored by dribbling penetration. Besides, Maeda and Takasaki are all-around forwards though they didn't get a goal in this game. Two of them are aged footballers, but I think they can be threats to the defenders in J3. If Gifu can carry on 'the boring football depending on strong strikers,' they probably accumulate the points steadily. However, only two of eighteen teams can promote to J2. I cannot swear that Gifu is one of the two.


Fukumura Takayuki, belonging to Tokyo Verdy, appeared the match against Tochigi SC. It was the first game for him this season. Because Takahashi Shohei, a center-back of Verdy, was unluckily sent off, Fukumura took part in for restructuring of the formation. I heard he assisted the scoring.
I watched highlights and felt, "Sato Yuhei shot so brilliantly. He could get a goal independently of Fukumura." However, I can say that Fukumura could see neatly where his teammates were moving. By the way, he is the kicker of the last play in that highlights. The manager might evaluate his accuracy of kicking.