Composition 33


I wrote yesterday, "I have no fun in my life except for writing training." Now I think it was an overstatement. I have another joy―a conversation with each student. The educational industry surely fits my personality. However, the fee I get is too cheap, and I cannot continue this job until I become a pensioner. It is not the mission of my life but just labor for my bread.
I often said by students' parents, "We hope my child to get the reading ability. How should we do?"
I think students should understand Japanese grammar at first if they profoundly try to get the reading ability. It is a misunderstanding to make light of, "I don't have to study Japanese grammar. I have understood it enough because Japanese is my native tongue."
At least I want them to figure out the part of speech class. If students*1 cannot see the classification of words, they cannot grasp the subject and the predicate. If they cannot see what phrase is the subject and what phrase is the predicate, it makes no sense to think, "What is the message this author wants to tell us?"

*1:最初はここも they と書いていたが、誰を指すか不明瞭だとアプリに言われた。