Composition 31


I dislike the word called 'effort.' I think it is a club to hit others. Some people like to pound a failure by this stick, saying, "You lost because you hadn't made efforts." I prefer to use the word 'preparation' rather than 'effort.' Yoda Tsuyoshi, the manager of Chunichi Dragons, also said so in an interview. I'm going to train up my writing ability every day to prepare for the coming opportunity.


One day my biological father told me, "When I was in youth, I had no fun. I didn't want to live anymore, so I studied crazily to death from overwork. As a result, I could get a higher education, ha-ha!" I don't know he was joking or not. If his story is real, now I can understand his thought vaguely. I have nothing enjoyable except for writing training. Anyhow, my life is worthless. I hope to die from overdoing my only comfort.


I want to monetize my writing. What is the measure? No idea. Previously, I administrated another blog for the affiliate but failed in the end. Nowadays, I want to be a novelist, but I may not be fit for it if a novelist means storyteller. So I have no substantial plan. However, I'd like to monetize in some form. To be more precise, I will acquire the skill that readers pay for voluntarily. My purpose is not money itself, but income by my technique.