Composition 29 正法眼蔵随聞記



Everybody is equal in our temple. We have no distinction between high and low, nor between superior and inferior, as we cannot tell mixed milk and water. After you join us, there will be a relation between master and student, or senior and junior, for a short while. However, it is just provisional. All of us will achieve enlightenment and become saints together, so why do we need to rank ourselves hierarchically? Don't worry about your pecking order. That is insignificant. Rather than that, you have to appreciate meeting your companions and practice Buddhism as earnestly as you can. It is the attitude to become a saint.
We have already exited from the general public for the training, so we cannot depend on them. We must fulfill our domestic duties by ourselves. When we are in trouble, we must help mutually. Our colleagues are more important for each other than your parents. The link with parents is tight in this life, but it would extinguish in the next life. On the contrary, the tie with Buddhist comrade will remain through all eternity.



*1:Buddha としたら釈尊だけを指すことになりそうなので、saint(聖者)としておいた。しかしsaint では何か違うような気もする。