Composition 25 カンバセイション・ピース



I'm going to challenge a kind of love story, but I haven't written even one line yet. I only view outside from the window when I'm alone in this my upstairs room.
It is true that someone in love sees and hears everything with joy or finds the world vivid. A specific function starts acting on. It integrates one's eyesight, which tends to be discursive, and makes the scenery that we look lively. Most writers focus on a miscommunication of lovers or social restriction of love when they take up love in a novel or TV drama scenario. However, I'm much more interested in the fact love changes our recognition of the whole world than the barriers that prevent lovers from getting more intimate.
Namely, I want to depict a relationship between an individual and the world, and a process that love transforms the relation. While I'm thinking such an abstract thing, my ears operate more unconsciously than my eyes, and I hear the short cry of crows flying away, a noise made by running car far from here, vibration caused by someone walking downstairs, and mingled with such sounds, sliding door of the entrance opens and closes with rattling, subsequently, my ears sense that water flows in the sink with a splash, cupboard slams down―my attention to the downstairs might have increased each time I got an auditory stimulus, so I felt my aunt come home from shopping and begin kitchen work.