Composition 22

I often think about the end of my life. Of course, I have not been so-called dotard yet, and I don't have the fatal disease now. However, my youth ran out a long time ago, and I have already passed the halfway mark of my life. They often say, "We are given 30,000 days in my life," or "A young man is the sun at eight o'clock a.m," but my left time is probably less than 10,000 days, and I am the sun in the afternoon at present.
I will hardly become what the world calls 'success' in the future, but at least I'm going to bring all my possibilities out before I die. If I do so, I will not regret on my deathbed.


*1:英文のほうでは the sun を a sun にしろとアプリが言ってくる。しかし a sun は明らかな間違いではないか?