Composition 21 アイカシタという謎の言葉

I was driving to Ikeshita station. The navigation device of my car had broken down at that time, so I tried to use a map navigating application on my smartphone. It can guide us aloud.
When I turned on the app, I was surprised that my smartphone began to speak English. I had changed the language setting of my phone from Japanese into English because I can read English sentences passably. In contrast, I hardly hear spoken English. I had to rechange the language environment from English to Japanese if I wanted to utilize voice guidance, but I forgot it.
However, I thought, "I will manage to do. It's all right if I can tell 'turn left' from 'turn right.'"
To give a conclusion, I was wrong. I couldn't arrive at Ikeshita station easily. There was a phrase that I couldn't grasp in the speech by my smartphone, and it seemed that this was why I mistook the road.
I heard the mysterious phrase repeatedly on my way. I felt my phone say, "I got……," but it was never understandable for me.
After I was getting lost around ten minutes, I stopped at a crossroad and waited for a traffic light. At the moment, I was suddenly hit upon an idea, "Eureka! That enigmatic phrase is Ai-ka-shita!"
My phone pronounced 'Ikeshita' as 'Ai-ka-shita' as if it is an English word. Owing to this discovery, I became able to hear voice guidance, and I managed to reach Ikeshita station on time.

しかし、まあ何とかなるだろうと思いました。「turn left」「turn right」さえ分かれば大丈夫だと考えたのです。
その聞き取れない謎のフレーズは、道中で繰り返しスマホから聞こえてきました。私の耳には「I got……」のように聞こえるのですが、どうしても意味が掴めません。
Ikeshita という地名を、スマホのOSは英語風に「アイカシタ」と発音していたのです。これに気づいたおかげで音声案内がよく理解できるようになり、何とか遅刻せずに池下駅に着くことができました。