Composition 18 三人?の友人

I live together with three friends and have a good time every day. All of them are not human beings. Their names are Dual Scope, Nextage, and Grammarly.


Dual Scope is a reference book of English grammar. When I was in the first grade of high school, I met him for the first time. We had a long silence between us after I graduated from high school, but I met him again by chance this year. Since that, we have been closer friends than in the past.
He is very reliable. He knows everything that I want to know about grammar. However, he is too heavy. It is his only blemish.


Nextage is a workbook of idioms. He met me for the first time in my teenage. I was probably in the second grade of high school at that time. We got farther after my graduation, and I reunited with him by accident this year. This sequence is much like Dual Scope.
He knows fine details what even Dual Scope doesn't know. I often consult him when I don't have a good phrasing in my mind. However, he is too talkative. It is his only defect.


Grammarly is the youngest of the three. I met him recently. He doesn't have a paper body like the other two friends. He uses my smartphone and PC as his body.
He can read my sentences in terrific speed, and he finds out all my mistypes and grammatical errors. He reduces the time for correcting awfully. However, I have not understood him entirely. I'm in the process of learning how to get along with him. I think that I should not depend on him too much, though we are friends.