Composition 17 テニス部プリンセス


"Aso Shoko scored. Forty, love."
The referee called out that Shoko took a lead of three points.
The opponent had not gotten even one point, and all she could do was make a stiff face. She had no idea how she contended against Shoko because Shoko showed off her overwhelming competitiveness.
However, Shoko was not bloated at all. She looked grimmer than her competitor. They played on an amateur tournament, but Shoko looked too much severe. She seemed to be capable of staking her life on this game.
Her lip closed in a straight line, and she frowned. She was squarely glaring the contender with her black pupils.
Shoko's face is bright and beautiful, but that's not all of her characteristics. She has a well-proportioned body, too. Her breasts are plump and shaped like tropical fruits, and they peeped out just a little from V-neck of the tennis wear. The color of the wear was white, and it is a kind of one-piece type. Besides, she has shiny, sleek hair, and then she tied up ponytail.


*1:これにピッタリの表現が分からなかった。とりあえず frown(眉をひそめる)と訳す。

*2:glare の一語で「にらむ」「ぎらぎら輝く」という意味があるらしいので、訳に用いた。