Composition 15 #応援しているチーム

I like Chunichi Dragons, though I don't have so much enthusiasm.
 Dragons belong*1 to the Central League of Nippon Professional Baseball. They were a mighty team in this league ten to fifteen years ago but have not shown excellent performance recently.
The pitching staffs are their weakest point. Nagoya Dome, which is the home ground of Dragons, is a pitcher's park. However, Dragons have suffered a lack of starters. What's wrong? Can't the Coaching staff train competent starters? In any cause, relievers are overburdened because the starters can't eat many innings. When the relievers get drained at the halfway of a season, Dragons stall, and I see such a consequence every summer in recent years. I'm afraid this year might be in the same case.
特に投手陣がダメだ。本拠地であるナゴヤドームは投手有利の球場なのに、ドラゴンズは先発投手不足に苦しんでいる。何がいけないのだろう? コーチたちが優れた先発を育てられないせいか? どんな理由にせよ、ともかく先発が長いイニングを投げられないのでリリーフに過大な負担がかかる。リリーフが疲れ切ってしまう夏場、つまりシーズンの折り返しあたりに、ドラゴンズは失速してしまう。近年は夏になる度にそんな光景を見ている。今年も同じことになるのではないかと心配だ。
I wish young pitchers ―Yanagi, Umezu, Yamamoto, Ogasawara, Kasahara, Katsuno, Fujishima, and so on― will show their talent fully and upset my pessimism.