Composition 14 間主観性と物象化

When I was young, I was taught by a certain philosopher, in a certain university. He often used an abstruse term, 'intersubjectivity.' At that time, I didn't figure out its meaning very well, and I guess that other students were in the same case.
Now I read again the book written by my master a few pages a day, and I think the meaning of intersubjectivity. I try to explain it as below:
Shortly, intersubjectivity means that 'we' exist before 'I' am constructed. We think in daily life that the concepts of 'individual' and 'subject' are a prioi. However, they might not be axiomatic. Something like 'our collective consciousness' is previously, and 'I' am sensed when my recognition doesn't accord with others.' Advocates of intersubjectivity speculate so.


My master also often used a term, reification, which is hard to understand, too. It is originally the keyword of Marxism that means social relations are perceived as inherent attributes or the relationships of commodities.
Whereas, it seems that my master applies this word in his book in a little different sense; people perceive that something exists in reality, though it is just an idea in our consciousness. To sum up, it is like the realism of metaphysics against nominalism.