Composition 13


As I have written in some articles, my purpose is not to master English, but to train my writing ability. Someday we will be able to translate Japanese into English without any errors by machine translation. Japanese people will not need to write in English, and the value of learning English will decrease. However, I will continue my training in English composition because I need writing experience both in a foreign language and native one to develop my writing skill.


If you want to use Japanese more proficiently than now, you should study English. The reason why is that English deeply influence present-day Japanese. Notably, the Japanese language used by office workers to write a report or business email, which I call business Japanese, is based on the style of business books translated from English to Japanese.
All right then, what I wrote above is just my intuition. If you say "Show the source of information," I have difficulty to do so.


Why do we get excited by looking at the penis of an Otoko-no-ko?
The term 'Otoko-no-ko' means a young male who can perfectly disguise himself as a female, although there are some definitions slightly different from this.
Otoko-no-ko looks just like a girl, but he has a shaft, which cannot be there. I think this is why Otoko-no-ko's penis excites us. I don't know what circuit opens in our brain, but anyhow we feel stimulated when we see something impossible added to lovely appearance.


*1:最初は英文のほうで perfectly と書いていた。しかし、ありがちな表現だとアプリに注意されたので without any errors と直す。

*2:アプリ曰く deeply はありがちな表現だから直せとのこと。とりあえずそのままにしておく。

*3:アプリ曰く especially はありがちな表現だから直せとのこと。 notably に変えてみる。


*5:ここの perfectly もありがちな表現だから直せとアプリに言われたが、直さない。男の娘の女装は「ちょっと上手い」程度ではなく「完璧」なのである。

*6:代名詞を he にするか she にするかは迷ったが、とりあえず he とする。それから単数扱い・複数扱いもよく分からんので、英文のほうでは単数扱いにしてある。