Composition 10


There was a light novel whose protagonist said, "elementary school students are the best!" in the past, but I have learned from my experience*1 that real kids are no good. They hardly communicate with adults because their ability to think logically is immature. On the other hand, high school students are too impertinent. In conclusion, junior high school students are relatively best.*2 Do you wonder what I am talking about? Yeah, I referred to teaching how to study.

何の話かって? 勉強を教えるときの話ですよ。

Ito Jun is a very excellent novelist. He can write authentic historical novels whose writers have decreased. I think that he might be the most outstanding*3 writer of living ones in Japan.
Although he is such skillful now, he was said by an editor, "If there are 50,000 wannabes in Japan, half of them can write better than you," before he became a professional novelist.
We can interpret this episode in various ways. Some people would think positively, "Ito used to be a mediocre man at first. He has developed his writing ability by his effort. I can do it too if I work hard", and other people would think negatively, ”Even Ito was 25,000th of 50,000. Then, how do I rank? How much effort must I do?".
My sincere feeling is like the latter. To be precise, ”Why haven't I exerted myself? Why wasn't I aware that I was far below the centerline? Why was I full of myself when I was young?”.

私の率直な思いは後者に近いです。より正確に言うと「なぜもっと努力をしてこなかったのだろう? なぜ自分の位置が半分より遥か下だということに気づかなかったのだろう? なぜ若い頃はあんなにイキっていたのだろう?」という感じです。

*1:with experience でもいいよう?

*2:この best に the は要らないとアプリは言う。relatively と付いているから?

*3:最初は greatest と書いていたが、ありがちな表現はやめろとアプリに言われた。