Composition 5


Weight training is not enjoyable for me ( though I like exercise with light dumbbells ) because it takes many months to make up my body. Writing in foreign languages is amusing very much for me because I can immediately check whether I have developed my ability or not.


I had pursued writing "natural " conversation in my novels many years ago. I thought that "theatrical " lines were not good and a skillful writer must compose natural ones like daily conversion.
However, I have come not to mind such a thing after I experienced writing in foreign languages. I have come not to wonder if the lines written by me are on the cards in daily conversation or not, but I have come to think what I want to tell.
It is famous that Murakami Haruki had trained to write in English when he was young. I assume that he could become free from meaningless "writing manners" due to that training and this is why he doesn't hesitate to write theatrical lines.
( In fact, I have not read his works so much. )