My two dreams

I have some dreams. The most important one is to be a slillful novelist, but I have no need to say it expressly because it must be a common dream to us. Therefore, in this article, I write about a dream which means just fancy.



My dream is get the two licenses. One is operating license for personal water crafts (PWC), the other is hunting license.


If I obtain PWC operating license, I want to slide on Kiso river.
I love Kiso river. Kiso river is grand and beautiful. I know that English grammer requires me to use a pronoun here, but I repeat the same word "Kiso river" intentionally, because this is very important name.


I'm from Chubu District and my home was located nearby this river. Sometimes I saw people gliding on the water with PWC in my boyhood. I thought "Oh, it must be feeling good!" each time. This is why I look up to operating PWC.


Hunting license is in much the same case. I grew up in an inland province. Though I have not been acquainted with any hunters, I have heared various rumors many times, for example, a rumor that the grandfather of my friend shot a wild boar in his youth, and so on. Those experiences aroused my interest in hunting. So I want hunting license.


I feel like that a boy in mountainous country can be fully matured only after sliding with PWC in a river and shooting a shotgun in a mountain. Yes, I know that it is just my bias.